Second Grade


Students in 2nd grade are entering the final stages of the “learning to read process.” At this point in their education, our goal is to boost their reading rate and their relationships to text so that the experience is not only educational but also enjoyable. The Houghton Mifflin reading program is the core element of our 90-minute continuous reading block. This program includes experiences and exercises that target all five area of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. 2nd Grade teachers also strive to provide a wide array of center activities to provide hands on learning with sounds and letters, proper selection of reading materials, exposure to various genre of reading materials and self-evaluation as a reader. We also carefully plan guided reading lessons to tailor to the specific reading needs of each child. It is our goal, to have children reading fluently at 90 words per minute by the 10th month of each school year. This rate, coupled with the ability to discuss and relate to what was read assures that our second graders move on to third grade ready to tackle the task of “reading to learn.”

Language Arts:

The main focus of our Language Arts program is to develop effective writers. Through the Scott Foresman series coupled with the Houghton Mifflin reading materials we are able to address the many facets of writing including; sentence and paragraph structure, subject verb agreement and letter writing. Vocabulary is also an important part of the Language Arts and students receive a weekly spelling list to help improve their knowledge of words and in effect their reading and writing.


Much of the Math coursework is transitional. Students are introduced to many new concepts in preparation for Third grade and beyond. Through the use of The Everyday Math material, students are exposed to Math in a modern and creative way that incorporates games as a part of the learning process. Through these games, students explore the concepts of adding and subtracting money, place value, three digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division as well as fractions for example, making key connections in their learning.


Science is an exciting time of the day for our students. Each teacher does at least two experiments per week which helps foster academic interest. Students will explore science through the use of hands on activities, experiments, and directed inquires. The topics they will study include: the Practice of Science, Earth Structures, Earth’s Systems and Patterns, Properties of Matter, Changes in Matter, Forms of Energy, Forces and Changes in Motion, and Organization and Development of Living Organisms.

Social Studies:

Second Grade Social Studies curriculum is based on the Sunshine State Benchmarks. Topics are covered using supplemental materials from teachers, throughout the year. Major topics covered throughout the year include: Rules and Authority: Who we are and where we live, History, Economics, Geography; Florida History: Technology and Resources, Holidays; Our Nation: Famous Figures/Inventors, Transportation and Communication in the U.S., Historical America, U.S. Government; Our World: Geography, How our world has changed, World Government, and The World Marketplace.