First Grade

The First Grade team is committed to educating your scholar and to providing opportunities for each scholar to grow and develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Reading Curriculum: Houghton Mifflin Houghton Mifflin is main curriculum that is used along with a variety of other resources that focus on the Florida Standards. As scholars explore the standards they will develop and practice reading skills and strategies in the 5 key areas in learning to read are phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension throughout the school year. Scholars will develop these skills through a variety of activities each day. Learning to read is an essential goal to First Grade.

Language Arts Curriculum: Journey Houghton-Mifflin is curriculum dedicated to creating effective communicators. Through a careful balance of grammar and writing, scholars obtain the skills instrumental to personal expression.

Math Curriculum: We engage scholars with hands-on interactive curriculum that enhance and develop lifelong math skills. The curriculum cover the following content skills and concepts: Shape and Attributes, Count 1-120, Addition and Subtraction Computation, Represent Data, Measurement, Money, Time.

Science Curriculum: Inspire Science-McGraw Hill curriculum exploring science is fun as scholars learn about their world and animals and plants they share it with. In Science our scholars explore Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Space and Technology. The curriculum also incorporates fun interactive science experiments and technology. The research based curriculum ensures that each child leaves with a strong foundation in science.

Writing Curriculum: We explore a variety of curriculum, and resource materials to help scholars develop a love for writing. The focus of writing is to equip scholars with skills that are necessary for successful writing achievement beyond the primary years.

Social Studies Curriculum: Social Studies Weekly curriculum is engaging and colorful weekly newspaper that allows scholars to explore the world around them and teaches them how to become good citizens of their community, country, and our world. Scholars learn about a variety of historical characters which have influenced their world. We study many holidays and how they are influenced by culture, customs and traditions.  Scholars learn map skills and how to recognize our state, country, and continents of the world.

Health: Second-Step is a program that focus on social-emotional learning. This program teaches scholars skills that strengthen their ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions and solve problems.

It is the goal of the First grade teachers to give each scholar the skills necessary to become independent, lifelong learners who can be successful in First Grade and in life.