Fifth Grade

The pinnacle of elementary academics is the year spent in fifth grade. This is where we begin to bridge the gap to middle school. Our team seeks to create a positive learning environment that encourages high expectations for the success of our students. We pride ourselves in making lesson presentations interesting and engaging for all. We strive to have our parents, staff, and community members actively involved in our students’ learning. The curriculum is rigorous and meaningful as it prepares students for the challenges of life beyond elementary school.

Our core academic focus…

English Language Arts: reading and comprehending longer, more complex passages; asking and answering high-order, text-dependent questions; providing writing prompts that require students to support claims with text-based evidence.

Math: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions; whole number and decimal operations including division; understanding volume.

Science: conducting hands-on investigations and explicit vocabulary instruction in physical, earth/space, and life sciences.

Social Studies: recounting the development of our nation with emphasis on the people, places, and events up to approximately 1850.