At Eccleston Elementary, the Visual Arts:

  • Teaches art history, the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design through multiple learning styles

  • Teaches students to think creatively while utilizing problem solving skills

  • Encourages students to pay attention to details and demonstrate good craftsmanship

  • Supports experimentation with a variety of artistic media such as clay, paint, ink, etc.

  • Provides a positive environment where students can express their emotions and ideas through art

  • Teaches art appreciation and criticism through the 4 step process; describe, analyze, interpret and judge

  • Promotes positive self esteem through the creative process

  • Provides the student the opportunity to display artwork at school and throughout the community

  • Involves students in extracurricular Art Club and volunteer work

  • Encourages and supports students in becoming a well rounded student both academically and creatively through meaningful art experiences